Does your production process include using and moving large amounts of air, including compressed air, or other gases? Then a Sage Thermal Mass Flow Meter (TMFM) may be just the thing you need in measuring the flow rate and consumption of your gases within your industry. 

Today I am going to be talking about storage tank optimization or how to properly set up a typical API 650 storage tank.  This demonstration will include an ERV (Emergency Relief Valve), a PVRV (Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valve) and a BGR (Blanket Gas Regulator).  I will show you how you can set them up so that one does not interfere with the next. It is an important subject that many of you may struggle with.  For those tank experts, it will be a great refresher.  

In a proprietary system, such as frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), the wireless modules must all belong to the same platform from the same manufacturer.  Products from each manufacturer communicate differently and have differentiating features from one another.  A proprietary system creates an inherent level of security since a hacker can’t add any old module to the wireless network.  

Despite the wonders of modern instrumentation, there are often times when you really need to physically "see or feel" a process variable. A gauge hatch on the roof of an atmospheric tank provides you with the means of doing just that.

We all know how important it is to protect all of our Instrumentation and Electronics in our plants. But what about in our homes?  We have OSHA requiring surge protection on every safety switch, but what about