We all know how important it is to protect all of our Instrumentation and Electronics in our plants. But what about in our homes?  We have OSHA requiring surge protection on every safety switch, but what about

Viscosity is a measurement of the “thickness” of a liquid and the resistance of that fluid to flow.  It measures the friction between individual fluid particles and also between the fluid particles and the surfaces they move across. 

Flomec Oval Gear meters are designed with durability and accuracy at their core. When used to measure clean lubricating fluids and maintained properly, Flomec Oval Gear Meters will run trouble free for many years.

More often that not, when a customer purchases an FM-1D/K Frequency to Current Converter, I can typically expect a phone call within a week or so of the shipment. Most of those calls start with an experienced, but terribly confused technician who has just finished reading the Installation Manual and is in dire need of little programming help.

Meinecke Meters were private labeled under the Brooks Instrument name for over 30 years, but were strategically dropped from their product offering in 2002 as they moved into the low flow, flow measurement market.