Choosing, Customizing and Installing Your Flomec/GPI Oval Gear Meter

Once you've decided that an Oval Gear Meter is the best flow meter for your specific application, there are a few key things you will need to know to narrow your selection down to a single oval gear flow meter.

A "Rotor" is defined as a "rotating member of a machine" by Collins English Dictionary in the Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition. Meriam-Webster defines a rotor as "a part of a machine that turns around a central point."

W. B. Ellwood invented the Reed Switch at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1936. In the 1940's it began to find itself in demand as a sensor and Reed relay. In this application, it was used in a variety of stepping/switch applications, as well as electronic and test equipment.

The "Hall Effect" is defined as "The electromotive force generated in a strip of metal longitudinally conducting an electric current and subjected to a magnetic field normal to its major surface."

We've covered the importance of selecting the right meter for your application in our "Flow Meter Selection Guide". Now that your Oval Gear Flow Meter has been engineered, purchased, received and is ready to install... Knowing the Do's and Don'ts of Oval Gear Flow Meter Installations is just as important to the life of your meter as was the selection criteria used to choose it.

All about compatibility... The lifespan of any flow meter is totally dependent on several factors that need careful consideration during initial selection of that meter for any given application. These include, but are not limited to choosing the best metering technology, sizing the meter correctly and as important as anything else, engineering the meter using materials that are fully compatible with the fluid that will be measured.

Given the popularity of PPS as a primary material of construction in Oval Gear Meters, we thought it would be useful to offer a quick refresher on PPS, otherwise known as polyphenylene sulfide.

Flomec Oval Gear meters are designed with durability and accuracy at their core. When used to measure clean lubricating fluids and maintained properly, Flomec Oval Gear Meters will run trouble free for many years.

Viscosity is a measurement of the “thickness” of a liquid and the resistance of that fluid to flow.  It measures the friction between individual fluid particles and also between the fluid particles and the surfaces they move across. 

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